Written by David Smith on Nov. 19th 2018
I recently got a call from a company that wanted help determining what warnings or safety labels they needed to put on their product.  This is a great question that comes up more often than most people expect as every product has risks associated with its manufacture or use.   

I asked them if they had done any sort of hazard analysis on their machine…
Written by David Smith on Nov. 29, 2018
If I were designing a piece of exercise equipment, I might design it differently if I were designing it for Lebron James' personal trailer (presumably one of the best in the world) than if I was designing it for "Bob the January Warrior."  You know the type that sets a weight loss resolution on New Year's Eve and hits the gym two or three times in January before forgetting his resolution, not to touch another piece of exercise equipment until the following January.
Written by David Smith on Oct. 4th 2018
We run into it all of the time.  A call from someone searching for someone, or a company that can help them get a PE stamp on their design.  

But why is a PE stamp even necessary?  

There are many times that a PE stamp is required on designs and drawings for equipment that requires the states approval (like thrill rides). 
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